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Why apple cider vinegar is beneficial for some and not for other heartburn sufferers?

By Natural heartburn home remedies | April 9, 2010

This post is written for heartburn sufferers that are experimenting home made products suggested by friends or experts in the field, claiming it will relieve heartburn or burning chest pain.

The most popular natural heartburn home remedies recommended are: Apple cider vinegar, Alo Vera extracted plant mixture, baking soda and Milk. There are many more, but let’s stick to these four products, so I could make my point.

I remember once during a heartburn attack, I tried Apple cider vinegar hopping it would give me fast relief, and oh boy! Was I disappointed. It actually made my condition worse.

It’s interesting to note that Apple cider vinegar really works on my friend but not with me…the question is why?

And this question is not only valuable for apple cider vinegar, why would milk, Alo Vera or baking soda be effective for some individuals and not for other heartburn sufferers?

The answer to this question resides inside your digestive system.

Not everyone is made the same way. Our metabolism varies from each other and because of it, we react differently to food.

Here is an easy example that illustrates perfectly the difference between each other.

I know someone and you probably know one too, that could consume junk food, chips, chocolate cake, etc. without gaining a pound, and others like me who just looks at it and … well you know how frustrating that could be.

The point is, we all have different digestive systems and according to the acid produces by our stomachs ( digestive system), some ingredients will be beneficial and others not.
So knowing this, then my next question is how to distinguish the right heartburn home remedies for your digestive system.

I finally got an answer to my question by, of all medical professionals, a homeopathic practitioner. She says, we basically have two types of digestive system.

When heartburn occurs it’s either because of high acid or low acid.

I always thought, heartburn was caused by too much acid flaring up our digestive tube, but this is not true…Sorry it’s true but not for all cases.

You could actually have heartburn because your system is not producing enough acid.

You need a bit of explanation?
sure! no problem.

Lower stomach acid system could show signs or symptoms of heartburn, they might not have enough acid to break down and dissolve food.

And the most related cause would be felt towards the bottom of your digestive tube.

What you could do the check if you are low acid is to take a couple of tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar when you are having a heartburn, if heartburns go away it’s because you are low acid and you probably need to take something like Apple cider vinegar to help break down food.

If apple cider vinegar doesn’t help or even makes your heartburn worst, this means your high acid, and you will probably need something like baking soda to neutralize over production of your acid stomach.

I hope this helps to clear up the differences among people suffering from acid reflux.

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