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Surgery for acid reflux | heartburn surgery

By Natural heartburn home remedies | March 17, 2010

Surgery for acid reflux | heartburn surgery

If you are considering surgery for acid reflux or heartburn surgery, please continue to read on and give yourself a chance to consider other alternatives.

The facts are that 80 to 90 percent of all causes related to heartburn surgery is triggered by the malfunction of a muscle ring called (LES) which stands for Lower esophageal sphincter.

Here is a brief and concise explanation concerning the function of the muscle ring (LES).

The food we eat is carried from the mouth to the stomach by a natural cylinder tube called the esophagus.

There is a muscle ring called (LES), located right at the end of the esophagus tube that opens up to let the food pass into the stomach.

Once the food reaches the stomach to be digested the muscle ring (LES) closes up to avoid acid reflux from rising into the esophagus tube.

However, when the muscle ring doesn’t close properly, acid reflux flares up into the esophagus tube and could causes severe heartburns damages that could lead to GERD.

To find out more about GERD click here.

If you are suffering frequently from heartburns, and your condition isn’t getting better, The only way to find out if you have GERD or any other associated diseases in regard to acid reflux, is to set an appointment with a Gastroenterologist (digestive system doctor) and pass a scope test called (endoscopy).

If the endoscopy test turns out to be positive, and you are diagnosed with GERD disease, several solutions are available and should be considered before even thinking about surgery for acid reflux.

In most cases your Gastroenterologist will prescribe Pantaloc or some other kind of pill, that will not cure you but will effectively reduce the pain associate with acid reflux.

The downfall about this situation is that you are stuck taking these pills for the rest of your life. Like I mentioned before it will make you feel better but will not cure you.

However, when your muscle ring (LES), fails to functions less than 50 percent, and you are still having painful heartburn attacks after taking prescribe pills from your Gastroenterologist, Than maybe the solution is having Surgery for acid reflux.

The debate rages within the medical community whether or not the muscle ring could be fixed without having surgery.

Here is someone how claims to have discovered a natural and permanent solution to this problem.

I sincerely cannot vouch for this person because I haven’t tried his methods, his name is William Allen. However, he seems to have found a way to cure acid reflux muscle ring dysfunction without going to the process of surgery.
I strongly urge you to take a look at what he has to offer, before going for heartburn surgery.
So here is the link: cure acid reflux before going for heartburn surgery

However, if your mind is made up and want to see what Surgery for acid reflux looks like here’s the video.

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