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Pure aloe vera gel

By Natural heartburn home remedies | May 1, 2010

Pure aloe vera gel heartburn benefits

Aloe Barbadenis Miller plant

Aloe Barbadenis Miller plant

The Aloe Vera plant has been discovered in the dry arid climates of Northern Africa more than 4000 years ago.
There are more than 300 varieties of Aloe Vera plants. Among them, only one plant called Aloe Barbadensis Miller, has the required nutritional benefits sought after by woman and men all over the planet.

Scientific studies reveal that, the pure Aloe Vera gel of the Aloe Barbadensis Miller’s plant owns the healing power to rejuvenate our body skin tissue.

Now days, many Clinical estheticians use pure Aloe Vera gel to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and acne scares.

You can easily treat your own acne and stretch marks by applying a mixture of 1/2 teaspoons of sugar and 1 1/2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel in the palm of your hand and slowly rub in circular movements directly on the affected area. Repeat this process once everyday and you should notice a difference after one or two weeks.

Just by the looks of it, you might think it’s a cactus plant, but it’s actually a member of the lily family.

You can obtain the aloe gel by splitting one of the lower leafs of the plant.

Pure aloe vera gel extract

Pure aloe vera gel extract

The plant leafs produce a soapy substance called saponins. The minerals and vitamins properties of the saponins substances contain enzymes that greatly help the digestive system and have been proven to heal irritated intestinal tracks.
Other benefits of this substance include anti-inflammatory effect and micro agents that build up immune system and kill unwanted bacteria, fungus, viruses and yeast infection.

So why not take advantage of the multi-medical benefits of pure Aloe Vera gel. Whether it’s for: rejuvenation of the skin tissues, healing of the digestive intestinal track, reducing of acne scares and stretch marks, anti-inflammatory, eliminate viruses, fungus or yeast infection.

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