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Over the counter antacid tablets, are they any good for heartburn.

By Natural heartburn home remedies | April 9, 2010

Relieving your heartburn with over-the-counter antacid tablets way not be the best solution.

Right after taking a Gastro-intestinal scope test, I was sitting in front of my doctor office, waiting for the results, when I notice hanging on the opposite wall from where I was sitting, a small advertising poster showing the image of a guy having a heartburn attack with the headline just under him who reads:
GERD is a serious disease that could lead to cancer.

Within minutes of reading this poster, my doctor calls me in his office and guess what? He tells me I have GERD.

Obviously, the first question that pops in to my mind was to ask him if I had cancer?

The doctor reassured me that I didn’t and cautioned me to change my lifestyle and eating habits.

I didn’t realize my condition has become a dangerous one!

Every time heartburn would occur, I would simply pop an over- the -counter antacid capsule and just like magic, my heartburn would disappear.

However, as time passed by, my condition has gotten worse, and it came to the point where I would be popping antacid pills after each meal.

Even afterwards, I ignored and neglected the heartburn warning signs.

What finally woke up the sleeping brain cells in my head, was the day, when heartburns occurred without eating nothing.

That’s when I finally realize popping antacid pills was making my condition worse.

I had become a pill popping over the counter antacid junkie.

And the ironies of it all, is that thousands and even millions of people worldwide are popping antacid pills to an extend of nearly dependency, making Pharmacutial industries, who just don’t care about our condition, richer every day.

So, if you ask me, if over the counter antacid pills are good for heartburn? Well, by now I am sure you know what my answer is.

The truth is, I don’t blame or hold any grudge against the pharmaceutical industry for selling these types of pills, the fact is over the counter antacid products are very effective in obtaining fast relief from heartburn.

I only have myself to blame because antacid pills are OK, if you seldom have heartburn.

Everybody could experience heartburns once in their life time, but if you start getting heartburn more frequently my recommendation is to stop using over-the counter antacid products, and consult with a specialist like a homeopathic practitioner to discover the best heartburn home remedies that could permanently heal your condition.

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