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Neglecting heartburn signs

By Natural heartburn home remedies | April 9, 2010

I remember the first time my doctor told me I had GERD.

GERD is not some kind of infectious virus, it’s a chronic disease develop over time, because I ignored the warning signs of heartburns.

I really want to stress the importance of detecting GERD symptoms at an early stage. if you have recurrent heartburns, and they are happening more frequently, it’s a WARNING SIGN.

This warning sign means it’s time to stop taking over-the-counter antacid products and treat your condition seriously.

I’m not saying antacid products like Rolaids, Tums, Pepsin, Alka-Selser, Bepto-Bismo are not effective, I’m saying they won’t cure you.

These heartburn products are created by pharmaceutical laboratories to get temporary relief from heartburn. They are very efficient for fast relief, but also effective in making you come back for more.

I repeat, they are not conceived to heal or cure your heartburn condition.

To my knowledge, no miracle product exists to eliminate sever heartburns conditions without changing your lifestyle.

And if you hear of a product that will miraculously heal you over a very short period of time, it’s bogus, and you should completely ignore it.

What does work is time, and it takes a lot of time, patience and better eating habits to heal sever heartburn or GERD.

However, this topic is not about what you should do, to cure your acid reflux symptoms ( for those who are unaware, acid reflux symptoms is the same thing as heartburn).

This subject is about neglect. Sorry to tell you but if you have neglected the warning signs of heartburn for too long, and you are inflected with GERD condition you might be considering heartburn surgery or acid reflux surgery.

This is no laughing matter, you have to make a very important decision. I know this because I’ve been there.

Lucky for me, I caught it in time, the damage was not beyond repair and changing my lifestyle or should I say my eating habits was something that was manageable.

It took time, discipline and motivation. Fear and motivation go hand in hand, and the fear of getting operated became the main reason that prompts me to change my unhealthy eating habits.

Nevertheless, I did a lot of personal research about acid reflux surgery.

My doctor (gastro-intestinal specialist) told me, 80 to 90 percent of heartburn operations are related to the sphincter muscle, commonly known as muscle ring.

He explained that the muscle ring, which is located at the entrance of the stomach, opens up to let the food come in and close up to let acid in your stomach dissolve the food.

However, when the muscle ring doesn’t work properly (meaning it doesn’t close properly once the food is in your stomach) acid in your stomach flairs up through the opening of the dysfunctional muscle ring, damaging the digestive tube tissues.

Usually, the surgeon operation consists of fixing the muscle ring to obtain more pressure when it closes up.

When inquiring about this type of operation, the success rate was pretty high, of course it largely depends on the extended damage before surgery, but a good 90 percent of heartburn surgery is successful.

It’s a little difficult to get more information about the aftermath effects of acid reflux surgery because nearly every case is different.

Although this might sound ridiculous for some people, I believe it’s not, some people might be afraid of dying from heartburn surgery.

The good news, now day’s, treating heartburn with surgery is not invasive and requires a very small incision.

Surgeon uses special tools and probing scope.

The probing scope is actually a miniature camera that projects the image on a view screen enabling the surgeon to perform the operation.

If you are considering heartburn surgery you will first need to pass a scope test (this is a small video camera that probes inside your stomach and digestive tube taking pictures of the damage cause by acid reflux.)

Only after viewing the results with your doctor ( gastrointestinal), that you will effectively be able to make the right decision.

After all it’s your life, and it’s worth the time and efforts to do the research and get the real facts before hand.

I wish you the best of luck, and if you could find proper treatment without surgery….go for it!

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