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Hiatal hernia surgery

By Natural heartburn home remedies | May 6, 2010

Hiatal hernia surgery

If you have symptoms of hiatal hernia you should seek a medical opinion on whether something should be done about your condition, and if it is appropriate to consider having hiatal hernia surgery. To find out more about hiatal hernia symptoms and treatment just click here.

In most cases when hiatal hernia symptoms aren’t aggressive, it can be treated by taking prescribe medication or by special massage technique.

surgeon for hiatal hernia surgery

surgeon for hiatal hernia surgery

Depending on the severity of hiatal hernia symptoms it may be worthwhile to have the operation done. 90 percent of people suffering from this condition have surgical treatment. Hiatal hernia surgery is the most effective way to repair and treat this condition permanently.

Surgical repair can be done in many different numbers of ways. The good news, is now days, this type of operation requires only minimum invasive surgery.

The surgeon needs to create five small incision through the abdomen region to set back the stomach in its normal position (meaning the surgeon will push back the initial problem of having the upper part of your stomach protruding in your chest area).
However, keep in mind that if a larger part of your stomach or in some rare case when the stomach has completely moved up into the chest area, this will require standard open hiatal hernia surgery.

Very important!
If you are considering hiatal hernia surgery, you should remember that this is not just a condition of the stomach, but it’s a condition of the entire upper gastro intestinal system and in view of that, it’s favorable to seek either a thoracic surgeon or a chest surgeon.

These specialists will effectively analyze your condition and will only operate if they feel it is necessary. Thoracic and chest surgeons are among the best choice you can make for hiatal hernia surgery, they have the proper medical background to understand and manage all aspects of esophagus surgery. They have done these types of operation before and are capable of finding different directions, options and approach.

Sometimes hiatal hernia surgery requires shortening the esophagus (the esophagus commonly called the food pipe. This is the organ that serves as a passage way for food from the back of the throat down to the stomach). Shortening the esophagus can cause tension when lowering the stomach , Consequently, it could lead to early recurrence of this problem. This is why it’s crucial to find the right surgeon to do this type of surgery, they know and recognize this situation and are able to deal with it by lengthening the food pipe with the proper procedure.

To summarize. In terms of choosing this approach, you should always consider minimal invasive surgery and make sure you find the right surgeon for hiatal hernia surgery.

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