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Heartburn home remedies – Healing the pain of burning sensation

By Natural heartburn home remedies | January 14, 2010

Find the best Heartburn home remedies to cure your bad eating habits.

Imagine fast food restaurants investing in antacid pills to boost monthly profit sales every time someone orders out for dinner.

Let’s just take a few seconds to imagine what this would sound like next time someone places an order over the phone at their favorite pizza place.

-Mr. Pizza place: “Ring! Ring! Ring! …. Hello! Can I take your order?”
-Customer : ” Yes! I would like a 12 inch all dressed extra pepperoni pizza with a half liter of coke and one slice of your famous chocolate Boston home made cream pie.”

And instead of replying ““you want French fries with that” Mr pizza place would say “You want a bottle of Rolaids with that!

This might sound sarcastic but it’s not!

An alarming trend of bad eating habits among Americans has collectively turned us into a nation of antacid pill-popping junkies.

A recent study from University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine research reveals more than seventy million people suffer from either heartburns or acid reflux and 80 % of them is caused by malnutrition.

What’s inside your grocery basket ? “ Chips, chocolates, ice cream, candy, cookies, sugary cereals, soda ‘’ Who cares ! As long as we got Rolaids to save the day !!!

Taking one or two antacid pills every so often may not be concerning …..But you should be concerned when it happens several times a week !!

More you become addicted to fast relief substances like Rolaids, Tums, Alka seltzer, ect… More chance you’ve got of developing severe side effect that leads to acid reflux diseases.

If you are one of those seventy million people suffering from heartburns or painful acid reflux attacks every time you finish a meal than natural heartburn home remedies is what I recommend to fight back against burning sensations and salvage the remaining parts of your old beating up stomach.


  • The first heartburn home remedy ingredient is ” MOTIVATION ! ”

    If you want to permanently get rid of your heartburns you have to be mentally prepared for the challenge.
    Correcting your bad eating habits is not an easy task!
    It takes will power to break any habits, especially this one !YES! GET MOTIVATED !!!

    Motivation is what nurture your every day combat against failing to overcome your bad eating habits.

    If you are having a hard time getting motivated, here’s a unique resource I have discovered while surfing the Internet.

    heartburn home remedies / motivation source!

  • The Second heartburn home remedy ingredient is ” MASTICATE ! “

    I know you have heard this one before, but if you discipline yourself to count the number of time you chew before swallowing, you will rapidly improve all aspects of your indigestion problem!

    More you masticate less acid and pepsin is needed to digest your aliments.

    Study research reveals people chewing lest than 15 times before swallowing are more susceptible to getting upset stomach.
    The art of Consciously chewing is extremely boring but doesn’t need to be a life time experience.All you need is 2 to 3 weeks of self disciplinary action to turn your old habit into a new one.

    Just pay close attention every time you eat for the next 3 weeks.
    Masticate 30 to 40 times before you swallow.

    Always keep track and dont change because your eating something hard or easy to chew.

    Just practice chewing 30 to 40 times before swallowing, the purpose of this exercise is to brake your old habit, by repeating the same process all the time you will unconsciously become accustomed to it and before you know it it will come naturally.

  • The third heartburn home remedy Ingredients is “YOUR GROCERY LIST !“

    Avoiding food that is known to cause heartburn could effectively eliminate your burning sensation.

    Food list that causes heartburn is:
    - Chocolates
    - Peppermints
    - Spices
    - Citrus products (orange juice, grapefruit juice )
    - Tomato products (ketchup, spaghetti meat sauce )
    - Alcohol
    - Caffeine

Learn how to use natural products to effectively relief heartburn syndrome. Discover old granny heartburn home remedy secrets.

If you want to find more way’s to prevent heartburn from occurring just watch the video bellow.

Find the best Heartburn home remedies to cure your bad eating habits.

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