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By Natural heartburn home remedies | January 14, 2010

GERD home remedies – Become healthier drug free

There is really nothing to be concerned about if you get heartburn once in a while, but what if you get heartburn frequently!

If you often get upset stomach or taking antacid after each meal, then you should be concerned about it! You may have GERD!

GERD is a painful and serious disorder associated to chronic acid reflux.

GERD happens when acid and pepsin flairs up into your food pipe causing several symptomatic problems, like asthma, hoarseness, tightness around the throat , exacerbation of sinus problems.

Symptoms associate with GERD are : heartburn sensation , a feeling of tightness, burning or pressure in your chest . When acid rushes to the upper part of the pipe food you might feel soar throat irritation and repetitive coughing for several minutes, nausea, vomiting, wheezing, asthmatic congesting … it could cause current sinus infection from flaring through the sinuses.

If you need to sleep in a sitting position in order to prevent acid from rushing up most probably you have GERD.


One of the best way to avoid GERD is to eat small portion of food trough out the day.

Our system is not built to digest huge meals. Unfortunately most of us live in the fast lane skipping breakfast and lunch, not drinking enough water and eating huge meals for dinner without taking the time to digest before going to bed.

Gastro-anthologist recommends drinking water and staying well hydrated when waking up in the morning, maybe eat a fruit or slice of bread and then consume small meals in the morning lunch and afternoon time.

Walking after dinner helps your system to digest easier. If you’re at work, walk around the office while you’re on the phone, the idea is to make your body move to be active. Also, don’t forget to wait at least 3 hours before going to sleep.

It’s been proven that smoking, drinking alcohol, and wearing thigh clothing when eating a big meal aggravate GERD condition.

Is GERD curable?
The answer is yes!
GERD can be medically treated.
First and for most is to change your bad eating habits. Correcting your diet is the First thing you should do.

If that doesn’t work there are different various antacid agents you could use to control your stomach from getting upset.

And as a last resort, there’s special technique that surgeons uses to pin the sphincter thus preventing the food to reflux. In most cases surgery is needed when you are diagnose with Hiatus Hernia that’s when your stomach comes above your diaphragm.

If you have any of the symptoms mention above you should consult with a specialist. Make an appointment with your primary care doctor so that he could talk with a nutritionist, gastro-anthologist and even anesthesiologist so that together they can treat you as a whole body rather than just one symptom.

It might be a lot to do in a short period of time but getting you back on track and living more comfortably is well worth the effort!

GERD home remedies are created and written to demystify the syndrome and side effects of people suffering from severe Heartbun.

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