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Exercise the muscle ring (LES) by avoiding certain food.

By Natural heartburn home remedies | June 13, 2010

Are you wondering if there is some type of exercise you can do to tighten the sphincter muscle, (also commonly known as the muscle ring or the LES muscle)? Unfortunately, the answer is no. However, there are certain foods you can eat and others you should avoid eating that will effectively replace the aspect of exercising the sphincter muscle. The idea of tightening or strengthening the LES muscles is to stop acid reflux from backing up into the esophagus (food pipe).
The esophagus is not protected against stomach acid, contrary to the stomach constitution that has a special lining to prevent the acid from literally burning a whole through your stomach organs. So when acid reflux surges into the upper part, you can get burning sensations that sometimes become extremely painful.

Chocolate and coffee are not good for the sphincter muscle

Chocolate and coffee are not good for the sphincter muscle

Here is a list of food and other products to keep your muscle ring in good health.

Smoking or even breathing cigarettes smoke from another smoker will only clog up your heart arteries and set your sphincter muscle in relax mode. Smoke can even make you produce more stomach acid. By kicking the habit you will help to counter acid reflux.

Coffee is a product that stimulates the nervous system and relaxes the muscle ring. The less you drink it, the less your muscle ring relaxes.

I have got bad news for heartburn sufferers who love chocolate. Besides the fact that most chocolate contains a certain amount of caffeine, which relaxes the LES muscle, it’s extremely fatty. If you’ re in dire need for chocolate, you might find comfort by substituting for white chocolate. White chocolate has nearly no caffeine thus not affecting the LES muscle, but calorie wise it’s just as bad.

Another food that has the property of relaxing the muscle ring are Mints.

Beverages containing alcohol such as wine, hard liquor, beer, have a similar effect on the sphincter muscle just like coffee.

Don’t overload your stomach. When your stomach is too full, the food pressures the muscle ring to open. If you have a tendency to always eat until your stomach is full, you might eventually loosen the sphincter muscle.

To find out more about exercising the sphincter muscle just click the link.

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