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Exercise sphincter muscle | Exercise your muscle Ring.

By Natural heartburn home remedies | April 22, 2010

The term “sphincter muscle” represents more than one muscle of the human body.

For example: if someone is searching for the “anal sphincter muscle” but only types sphincter Muscle in the Google’s search box, he or she might be disappointed by landing on this page.

Although the topic of this post is about the “digestive sphincter muscle”, just for the trouble of landing on this page, here is an exercise for people searching for ways to have better control over their bowels.

Exercise example:
The suggested exercise recommended by most doctors is to practice squeezing your anus several times while you’re in a sitting position.

Squeeze 3 times in a row and the fourth one hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 3 times every minute for 5 minutes.

If you feel pain or discomfort while doing this exercise, stop and consult with your Doctor.

The same thing applies for people looking to strengthen the “urinary sphincter muscle”.

I must admit, I’m no expert in this area, but I have heard good comments about Kegel exercise created to produce better results at controlling your urinary sphincter.

Just goggle the keyword ” Kegel exercise” for more details.

The Digestive sphincter muscle commonly known as LES (lower esophageal sphincter) acts like a gate between the food pipe tunnel and the stomach.

This gate also called the “muscle ring”, prevents acid from your stomach to flare up into the food pipe (the medical term for food pipe is: esophagus).

When the digestive sphincter muscle is not properly functioning, acid stomach surges through the food pipe causing heartburn, chest pain, sore throat or other symptoms related to acid reflux.

Because of chronic disease such as GERD, the muscle ring could weaken.

Prevention and exercise for strengthening the sphincter muscle (LES).

Exercise, methods and treatment

1- Anxiety and stress contribute to the problem of the dysfunctional muscle ring. You should attempt meditation and relaxation techniques to reduce stress or anxiety.

Breathing techniques for stress and anxiety::
It’s preferable to stand up, count 5 seconds while taking a deep breath, inhaled and hold it for 5 seconds and exhaled very slowly.
Repeat 5 times in a row. Stop if you are feeling dizzy and try 3 seconds breathing instead of 5.

2- Visualizing techniques are proven beneficial to healing LES muscle.

It’s a controversial issue debated within the medical community just like hypnosis. Nevertheless, people using these techniques claims it works.

Imagery exercise:
1- space: you must find a place that gives you the sensation of well being. It could be outside somewhere at a park or inside your house. As long as you don’t get disturbed. This exercise should be done sitting or resting in a comfortable position.
2- Next, do the breathing techniques as mention before to calm your mind and body.


Script imagery guide for healing and relaxing:

Close your eyes and imagine waking through an enchanting forest on a beautiful hot summer day. While peacefully following a path through the forest, you could hear birds chanting and falling water.Through the sounds of waterfalls, you clearly hear waves of voices calling you from far away.

Mesmerized by these unfamiliar voices, you finally arrive at the end of the trail where the woods open up, and right in the middle of nowhere, stands this bewildering waterfall.
A majestic scene of colours, enlightens your eyes. Spell bound by this magnificent waterfall you decide to go under it. While golden light water trickles over your body, you notice a deep cut on one of your shoulders mysteriously disappears right before your eyes. You have suddenly discovered a powerful healing resource to cure your wounds. Unexpectedly, all your senses come alive as you start drinking the magical source. Within seconds, you could feel the tingling sensation of water passing through your food pipe slowly healing the inside of your stomach, a strange sensation of subtle and pleasing heat overwhelms your entire body while time stands still. You are now controlling the healing process, knowing you have the power to cure yourself.

Finally, you have reached a total state of euphoria.

Hours seem to have passed by and now its time for you to come back.
This place you have discovered, is your secret garden where you know you could come any time you desire to relax and heal yourself.

4- slowly reopen your eyes and try to keep the memory of this pleasant adventure.

Thank you for being here, and I hope this Guided imagery script gave you relaxation.

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