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Even healthy food could cause heartburn.

By Natural heartburn home remedies | April 9, 2010

Everybody knows eating junk food is bad for your health, but not everybody knows eating healthy food could cause heartburn effect.

In fact, knowing the type of foods that trigger an acid reaction from your stomach will greatly help you to reduce acid reflux and chest burns.

Most heartburn sufferers like me, discovers this the hard way.

Even with all the best intentions, I still get heartburn when eating a healthy breakfast.

Now, I know by experience, that eating two boiled eggs, one slice of brown bread (no butter), 1- banana and a glass of orange juice for breakfast actually steers up a hurricane of acid reflux in my stomach.

Perhaps the word hurricane might be over exaggerated, the truth is, heartburn occurs even when eating a healthy breakfast.

It’s interesting to note that, and I know this sounds ridiculous, but eating the same breakfast whiteout consuming the yoke (only eating the egg white) has no heartburn consequence.

I have also noticed, eating the same breakfast with a glass of water instead of a glass of orange juice makes a huge difference.

In my situation, and everyone has their own situation, the combination of two aliments provokes an acid reaction.

However, if I eat them separately I get no heartburn.

Because our metabolism and digestive system are different, some people will have opposite reactions to the same food regardless of it being healthy or not.


Some people find that eating a peppermint chocolate candy soothes their stomach while other gets an immediate heartburn.

I could eat a chocolate Sunday anytime without getting an upset stomach, but if I add salted peanuts as a topping, I’m in for a bad acid nightmare attack. No salted peanuts for me… thank you!

Nevertheless, the golden rule, if you want to avoid heartburn is, try to stay far away from the temptation of eating too much

Citrus fruits, tomato, alcohol could also cause acid reflux.

Furthermore, to be taking in consideration, drugs like Imuran, iron supplements, Aspirin and antibiotics could cause heartburn.

My best advice is when heartburn occurs, notice what triggered it,

what’s important, is knowing what type of food upset your digestive system and not the sort of food that generally causes heartburn.

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