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Cure Heartburn With Natural Heartburn Home Remedies

By Natural heartburn home remedies | August 11, 2010

Natural Heartburn Home Remedies

It was a stinging sensation beneath my breastbone, it extended up into my throat. It started coming up more often. You can imagine how I felt having a sudden strange and horrible feeling. The burning went on and on, and I thought that seeing a doctor could have solved my problems. I finally came to know about it later, that it was heartburns, which really stole my comfort, and after being unsatisfied by employing doctor’s prescription, I decided heartburn home remedies were the way to go.

Heartburn home remedies

Heartburn home remedies

Heartburn is a burning sensation in the abdomen, chest or throat. It is also known as acid indigestion. It is experienced when digestive acids increase on the food we take and our stomach fails to digest it. The causes of heartburns are massive, the most common ones are;
. unhealthy eating habits
. overindulging on foods
. emotional stress
. inappropriate function of the stomach valve

Generally, heartburns aren’t that serious when we treat it early enough or prevent it from happening completely.

Small amounts of reflux are always normal, and most of us don’t even notice it, because our saliva helps to wash the acids back to the stomach. When the stomach start shooting back amounts that are larger than normal, especially on a regular basis or for a prolonged period of time, that’s when trouble begins and the long story of heartburn is born.

I decided to take my journey with the most effective way to cure my indigestion problems, using home remedies. Heartburn home remedies are the safest way to cure and prevent heartburns. As a testimony I will share with you the simple but effective way to overcome heartburns.

· Water is one of the ways to avoid heartburn, during the initial stages when you experience the signs, it’s advisable to have water in large quantities daily, approximately about eight glasses a day.

· Aloe Vera juice is also beneficial in healing heartburn and other intestinal disorders.

· Dissolved baking soda in a glass of water is also effective for treating heartburn.

· Churn one or two unpeeled raw potatoes and drink the juice.

· Take chamomile tea after meals, will help to calm and sooth upset stomach.

· add ground fresh ginger to your meals or take it in tea or capsule form.

· A mixture of cooked cabbage and mashed potatoes with olive oil is a great way to ease heartburn.

In conclusion, I can assure you that if you administer the above heartburn home remedies to treat heartburn, you will never regret, but rather celebrate. Prevention has always been the most effective measure to take against any unpleasant feeling of heartburn.

In addition to the above, avoid eating too much acidic foods, spicy or high in salt. This will include packaged food that often has a high salt content. I am pleased to share what brought me back a healthy smile after a gloomy heartburn experience.

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