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Cure acid reflux during pregnancy

By Natural heartburn home remedies | August 1, 2010

How to fight acid reflux during pregnancy using natural home remedies

cure heartburn with natural products

cure heartburn with natural products

The occurrence of acid reflux during pregnancy can be a horrible experience to most pregnant women. The use of antacids and other conventional medicines as cure to acid reflux has been proved to be ineffective when compared to the potency of natural home remedies. Antacids can at best offer a temporary cure to acid reflux. Besides, the prolong use of antacid for acid reflux has a lot of sides effects.
I discovered the use of natural home remedies in curing heartburn during pregnancy when I was pregnant for the second time. I know that there many pregnant women suffering from acid reflux and have been searching in vain for a cure to it. That is why I have decided to let you know about the use of home remedies in fighting acid reflux during pregnancy.
The first thing you have to do is to imbibe a very good eating habit. There are some foods that help in preventing acid reflux and there are some foods that can also provide a favourable environment for acid reflux to occur. If you are suffering from heartburn during pregnancy you have to avoid the following food items:

· Tomatoes and related sauces like spaghetti
· Avoid citrus fruits and drinks made from citrus fruits
· Vinegar
· Fried foods
· Food that have high fatty contents
· Caffeine, coffee and tea
· Chocolate
· Peppermint flavoured products like candy and coke.
· Alcohol and tobacco
· Cream sauces and salad dressing
· Fat dairy products

Don’t worry whether you will be able to avoid all these. At first it may be very hard but with time you will get used to it. These foods create favourable conditions for acid reflux to attack you. Fatty food for in instance requires more acids in order to be broken down.
Ensure that you eat more of raw fruits and vegetables. In your diet plan, choose items that are made from whole grain and non-citric fruits. In your eating habit, eat small quantity of food frequently rather eating large quantity of food which requires more acid for its breakdown. Eat two or three hours before going to bed and ensure that you chew the food very well.

Apart from having diet plan, you can try using other natural home remedies like:

1. Using wedge pillow to sleep. This will help to raise the torso and the head in order frustrate the movement acid reflux back up the oesophagus.

2. Try chewing flavoured gum after eating. Don’t use gum made of peppermint. The chewing of gum enhances the production of saliva that will neutralise the acid in the stomach.

3. Avoid anything that will bring pressure on the lower oesophageal sphincter like overeating, obesity and too much weight.

The use of other natural herbs like aloe Vera gel is also encouraged. If you try the above natural home remedies, acid reflux during pregnancy will be thing of the past in your life.

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