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Active Manuka honey

By Natural heartburn home remedies | May 22, 2010

Active Manuka honey for heartburn.

If you are looking for a natural herbal remedy to ease the suffering of Acid reflux then you should consider trying Active Manuka honey.
Honey in general has a soothing effect that will coat your digestive intestinal tissues located along the bottom of your esophageal (food pipe).
However, Active Manuka Honey is considered to be among the best Honey products available on the market to act as a healing agent, and speed the recovery process.

Researchers all over the globe have found that Active Manuka Honey is very beneficial for acid reflux sufferers, because it acts like a natural anti-inflammatory.
The unique minerals and vitamins of this honey help to heal irritated tissues in the digestive gastro-intestinal tracks and has the capacity to coat the esophagus and protect the lining tissues if acid reflux should occur.

In order to get the best results, you should take Active Manuka Honey before eating your main meals and could even be taken before bed time by applying one teaspoon of honey to a piece of bread.
It is highly recommended to slice a small piece of soft moist white bread ( not toasted!) when applying the Honey. The bread will allow the honey to reach the bottom of the lower esophagus in order to get optimal performance.

You can also take it when acid reflux symptoms start flaring up, The soothing effect and coating will provide fast relief. Antacid tablets will probably act faster. However, active Manuka honey does not have any common side effects, it is safe to take and will work at healing your digestive disorders instead of blocking Acid reflux.

Active Manuka Honey:

On extremely rare occasion, active Manuka honey side effects have been linked to people having an allergic reaction.

It’s important that before you begin taking any herbal remedies that you chat with your doctor to lessen the possibility of any adverse reaction. Especially if you are already taking medications, or if you are pregnant.

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