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Acid reflux pillows for heartburn | wedge pillow for acid reflux.

By Natural heartburn home remedies | April 10, 2010

Prevent acid reflux attack while your sleeping with the Magic Genie adjustable bed angle.

I’m no medical doctor or Gastro intestinal specialist, I’m just an acid reflux sufferer who finally found a way to get a good night rest from those nightmarish heartburn attacks.

If you have frequent heartburns, the last thing you’re going to do before going to sleep is making sure your head is in a lift up position.

Actually just lifting the head is not the most comfortable solution and is far from being the best way of handling acid reflux during sleep.

Usually, most people just pile pillows on top of each other hoping to encounter the effect of acid reflux.

This method is not effective, and you will probably wake up with a soar back, shoulder or neck.

If you ever had to endure a sudden acid reflux attack while sleeping, you will quickly learn that Newton was right and the earth gravity is something you just can’t ignore.

The easiest way to stop acid reflux when sleeping, is making sure gravity is working with you and not against you.

It happened to me more than once, when acid reflux rushes up, rudely awakening me during my sleep leaving this horrible taste and hoarseness in my trough.

An awful experience that no one wants to wake up to.

Subsequently, for a certain period of time, I actually slept on my lazy boy.

Maybe not the most comfortable thing to do, but sure beats the hell out of sudden acid reflux attack.

You see, the lazy boy gave me the option of being able to find just the right inclination while still being comfortable enough.

It lifted the whole part of my back and not only my head.

From that point on, I was no longer preoccupied from the fear of sudden heartburn attack, and notice I was sleeping much better.

The lazy boy did solve my problem but then another one rapidly arose! My sleeping partner wasn’t to trill about it.

So we both went looking for a solution that would take the concept of the lazy boy and transformed it into a bed.

I have thought of building my own bed but the problem of adjusting the angle was too hard to figure out.

Then, a friend sent me this video, and I could honestly say this product has solved my acid reflux sleeping problem.

If you are looking for a solution that will stop acid reflux attacks while you are sleeping, then just take a look at this video.

The magic genie inclination product works really well with my memory foam mattress.

It probably works great with normal mattress, but I have not yet tried it.

What if you’re better half is not comfortable with the sleeping angel.

The next best solution is buying a wedge pillow.

just need to scroll over the picture and click to read costumer reviews.

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