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5 tips in fighting against acid reflux and heartburn.

By Natural heartburn home remedies | May 1, 2010
stop acid reflux by sleeping on the Right side.

stop acid reflux by sleeping on the Right side.

1- Researchers have measured the activity of acid surging in the food pipe when patients are laying in a flat position. They have come to the conclusion, that patients laying on the right side in comparison to the left, had many more episodes of acid refluxing in the esophagus ( food Pipe).

So next time, try to sleep on the left side instead of the right side. It can decrease the frequency of acid reflux events at night.

2- Masticate and don’t drink
any fluids while you’re eating.

The digestive enzymes in your mouth ( the saliva) help break down the food. So the quicker the food goes from your mouth into your stomach, the harder it is for the stomach to digest it, forcing your stomach to produce more and more acid to combat this. You should try to Drink before or after meals and masticate at least 15 times before swallowing.

3- Find the right food for your digestive system.

keep yourself a journal of food that are good for you. Because we are all made differently, some people have a terrible time digesting certain foods while others won’t even react to them. So keep a journal of the food you know may cause upset stomach.

When dealing wiht acid reflux it is better to eat fruits alone

When dealing wiht acid reflux it is better to eat fruits alone


4- it’s preferable to eat fruits alone and at least 30 minutes after eating your meal.

It’s sometimes a good idea to maximize the ability of digesting and absorbing nutrients by avoiding a combination of certain foods. In some cases, you could discover that eating fruits during your meal or right after may cause indigestion, bloating or gas.

5- Physical activities.

When picking up any articles, always bend your knees first and avoid bending your back. This will greatly reduce the possibility of acid refluxing in the esophagus.

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